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Compare Campervan & RV Hire in Miami

There’s no better way to soak up the sun with a Miami RV hire. Each and every single year, millions of people flock to Miami to take an absolutely everything that this amazing southern coastal city has to offer as far as culture, entertainment, and climate are concerned.

A major center for tourism in the state of Florida, and possibly the most “lively” city in the southeast, there may not be another city on the planet that is anything like Miami – though there are plenty of cities all over the world that have tried to emulate this unique blend of culture, excitement, and passion that the city has woven into it’s very fabric.

This is a city that is constantly partying, constantly on the move, and constantly reinventing itself all while it is working hard to establish roots back to the past without forgetting or forgoing its rich history. There’s just something in the air when you visit Miami that you don’t get when you visit any other city in the US with a hired campervan.


Located practically on the very southern tip of the state of Florida, Miami is a major metropolitan center in the United States. The eighth most populated natural area in the United States, about 5.5 million people live in the city of Miami or the surrounding area – making it a major center for commerce, culture, entertainment, the arts, and international trade.

The Port of Miami is incredibly busy, and in 2012 the World Cities Study Group classified Miami as one of the 33 Alpha World Cities in the world today. Since 2008, Miami has been considered the cleanest city in America thanks to its amazing air quality, green space, clean drinking water and citywide recycling program, and Miami is also considered to be richest city in the United States and the fifth richest city in the world.

Luxury oozes from every corner of Miami, and when you come to experience everything that the city has to offer, you’ll only ever be treated to the very best of the best. As we mentioned above, there is no other city on the planet like Miami, and that’s why so many people find it so challenging to leave after they have visited!

There is an abundance of things to do with a campervan hire in Miami. Outdoor life is critically important to the people of the city, and tourists that are going to be coming to Miami with their campervan or their RV should look to take advantage of all the unique outdoor activities this amazing city has to offer.

Sailing, fishing, speedboat trips, snorkeling, diving, and so much more are available in Miami, and the Atlantic is very warm and very attractive to those that want to spend as much time as humanly possible outdoors while visiting the city.

Miami is also home to some of the most beautiful beaches, outdoor activities like volleyball, baseball, football, soccer, and more, and the city is also home to numerous professional and college-level sports teams that have games going on all year round.

Culture is also a big part of Miami, with the Cuban influence noticeable on every single corner. A number of different museums are available to check out – including the Wynnewood Art Walk and the Wynnewood Walls, and the Perez Art Museum of Miami is considered to be one of the very best art museums in the nation.

Outdoor parks are plentiful, with the Deering Estate and Kennedy Park being amongst some of the favorites for visitors to the city. Biking, hiking, and camping is all possible in Miami and just outside of the city limits as well.

The Miami Zoo is also one of the best in the United States, and while you are a couple of hours away from Disney World in Orlando it isn’t too much to drive up for a weekend and check that out and Universal Studios Orlando while you’re there, driving back down after you have finished your adventure.

Restaurants and nightlife in Miami are top-notch, and you’ll feel the Cuban influence heavily here as well. The food is amazing, the nightlife is always active, and if you’re looking to party Miami is going to have what you are after.

Miami, Florida, USA
broken clouds
humidity: 91%
wind: 2m/s E
H 28 • L 25
Weather from OpenWeatherMap

The Miami climate is classified as a tropical monsoon climate, which means the overwhelming majority of the year you’re going to have summerlike temperatures (though the actual summer months can get pretty hot and pretty humid), but the winter months are going to be wet and there’s definitely potential for hurricanes through June and November.

This is why so many people in Miami spend so much of their time outside or out on the water. Things can get really, really hot if you are cooped up indoors all day – so expect to spend as much of your time as possible in the daylight hours living it up outside or in the ocean.




Trying to find a place to park your campervan or your RV rental in Miami isn’t going to be anywhere near the headache or hassle some people make it out to be. There are literally dozens and dozens of top notch options you can pick and choose from, with some of the very best campervan and RV parks highlighted below.

You’ll want to make sure that you research your options before you sign on the dotted line, finding the campervan RV Park that has the proximity to the ocean, the city, or the outdoor activities you are interested in a head of time.

Some of the places you’ll want to further investigate include:

  • Silver Court Trailer Park
  • Miami Everglades RV Resort
  • Bluebell Trailer Park Little River Mobile Home Park
  • Colonial Acres Campervan Park
  • University Lakes
  • Larry And Penny Thompson Park
  • Royal Duke Trailer Court

… And that’s just the tip of the iceberg!

As we highlighted above, there are literally dozens of different campervan parks, RV parks, and campgrounds you will have the opportunity to park your RV or camper in while visiting Miami. Not only are there plenty of places to park inside of the Miami city limits, but there are even more places to the north, west, and south of Miami – including some amazing campgrounds that are right out on the water!

Campervan & Motorhome Rental Locations in Miami



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